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Heritage Hotels maps

Maps were generated in Macromedia Freehand. That program allowed individual pages within a single document. That single document contained symbols and graphic styles which were applied to the elements on the individual pages with each page depicting a single Hotel location. Best was the ability to Export all those pages as automatically named eps files, which were then placed into the map pages of the XPress map section. Once approved the map pages were laser-printed at a larger scale then final size for a water color artist to apply color. She used the laser-prints under her watercolor paper on a light table. The resulting water color was a four-up illustration which was scanned and placed beneath the maps in the Xpress document as a single picture. Maps have always been a pleasant challenge. I have found that using the different programs functions, required size & layout, information to include / exclude, accuracy, and detail versus symbolism; all under art direction of a designer and client input, stretched my abilities. It occasionally stretched my patience, but life is like that. The map of my life is generally straightforward and uncomplicated, with only the occasional undocumented detour.