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December 1965 Popular Science and the art slug discovers his science fair project


Some images of a clip art edition for November 1962


Television Log for a November Friday night in 1962


This will take you to a selection guide I built to help me decide on which color of shingles I should select. Roll over the color names to view the effect.


Hot Summer Jazz 2006, Mears Park, St. Paul, and the dancers swung.


June 5th, 2006 and I explored the new Bike Bridge over Lyndale Avenue just North of Franklin next to the auto ramp to Interstate 94


May 20, 2006 and the Minneapolis Public Library opened the new Central Library in a Grand Celebration


May Day 2006, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, Alan"s view of some of the event; and the HOBT web site has photos also; or roll over the masks -->


wack-a-mole experiment


Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival

an index of all the years I attended and the pages below

Lake harriet Winter Kite
kite book kite_book_pdf

Kite Festival stills for MN Kite Society selection / requests (210 images)


Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival 2006 QuickTime movies


a walk near Lake Harriet first week of 2006