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Minneapolis Minnesota, October 22, 2010
bringing attention to homelessness - art supplies were given to people of the street, the hope was to put a face on an issue that is often invisible - a gathering and a twitter auction

photo essay at the TC Daily Planet

Minneapolis Minnesota, October 5, 2010 another gathering of protestors hands_off
September 27, 2010, Protesting the FBI raids of September 24 on Peace Activists in Minneapolis and Chicago, downtown Minneapolis be_the_change

September 12, 2010, Linden Hills Co-op hosted a symbolic move to new location with a Mardi-Gras-Inspired parade

photo essay at the TC Daily Planet

Co-op move

A Conspiracy Tour kickoff

the radical left Anarchists threatens the establishment again


Another photo essay at the TC Daily Planet, July 5, 2010

An Open Map
creations on an
Open Filed


Another photo essay at the TC Daily Planet, June 26, 2010


The Walker Art Center started their Open Field project. A project that provided me with a number of "destinations" and stop-overs throughout the summer.

garden gnome

An aimless ride and a few with intent

photo essay on the TC Daily Planet website, June 22, 2010

vane lake monster
May 18th, - a work break wasp
MayDay 2010 HOBT and friends

Lyn-Lake 2010 Festival

May 16, 2010

art cat at Lyn-Lake

Edina 2010 Bike Festival

May 15, 2010

bike festival
I placed a photo essay on the TC Daily Planet website. I told a bit of a story using some 11 images. pouring iron

Anti War Demonstration,

March 20 2010, West Bank Cedar / Riverside area of Minneapolis MN

anti war march
Snow Sculpture - the carving hours, 9 am - 1pm snow scupluture
2010 Art Sled Rally! down hill

2010 Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival

links to 2006, 2008, 2009 images from those years are at the bottom of the page

2010 Winter Kite Festival


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