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A newspaper scrap from my attic. I examined it closely on November 2, 2006 -- 44 years after it was published. And I could remember a lot from that time period.


I was twelve and here is how I spent Friday evenings. Watch me pull a rabbit . . . out of my hat . . .


roll over areas to activate different views, a click will refresh the first frame of the current view, there are at least two frames for each view

clicks go nowhere, only refreshes the view


1962 TV land


Playground experiments with web based medium

A To Do list Go Fly a Kite a TV Guide for a Friday evening in 1962 Poster animation of the morgue Crank Experiment Fighting brown bag Knock Knock Pushing Pixels Around off to a world of old ( odd ) electronic presentation

photo journals, off and on, from August 2005

Photos here camera image thanks to the good folks at McKnight Foundation and Walker Art Center