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This Flash movie shows the third of three peace posters I did in 1991.

The Seeking Employment was a one-of-a-kind done in 1977, 14 green paper posters and one manilla.

I had very little to do with production of the Aquatennial poster. I was at the then named Seitz Yamamoto Moss design firm in 1985. 20 years have passed!

The dancing "devil" slug was part of the 2004 & 05 Valentine card. Original Illustrations were by Mike Lizama.


Poster animation

A To Do list Go Fly a Kite a TV Guide for a Friday evening in 1962 Poster animation of the morgue Crank Experiment Fighting brown bag Knock Knock Pushing Pixels Around off to a world of old ( odd ) electronic presentation


photo journals, off and on, from Agust 2005

Photos here camera image thanks to the good folks at McKnight Foundation and Walker Art Center