2014 MayDay sights

A year later, I post again, making use of this site to publish huge animated gif images;

help make MayDay

help make MayDay



New Parade Start Time

New Parade Start Time

Marcelo_clay_room_sm snap_03-2_sm soul_power_a-1-01

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MayDay workshops of 2013

help_make_MayDay_640 MayDay_calendar_spot

A post at TC Daily Planet . net —  MayDay 2013 workshops begin 




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MayDay 2012

Postponed due to Rain May 6, 2012

so join the Parade, Ceremony and Festival on May 13, 2012

animated collection of MayDay workshop workers

MayDay is an artistic movement
A Parade, a Ceremony, a message, a Festival
they are preforming this Sunday, May 13 2012
Powderhorn Park and surrounds, Minneapolis, MN
more information at hobt.org

MayDay 2012 and the building begins 

papier-mâché in the clay room

part of the mask making process, papier-mâché

Some photo essays of the MayDay workshops may be found at the blog I have been maintaining at the Twin Cities Daily Planet called The Public Recluse

some links — I have things scatter all over;


MayDay — calling all MayDay people

Help make MayDay

MayDay magic in Minneapolis — it’s happening again!



MayDay 2011 Caws to Unite

MayDay: Moving toward Sunday’s celebration of people working and playing together

MayDay 2011 workshops can recycle your hat—and more

MayDay 2011 workshops – Universe of Union

MayDay 2011 workshops and you

MayDay 2011 workshops voice your concern

MayDay 2011 workshops forward -backwards!

MayDay 2011 workshops Pay Up!

MayDay 2011 workshops begin


Thursday, April 29, 2010, last workshop before MayDay

MayDay is just about here

Puppet parts for MayDay

UPROAR with a tiger’s tail (tale)

Magic makes another appearance

Form Alan’s WordPress blog — you are here

MayDay 2012

category list

Alan’s flickr account collection for MayDay – contains most of the images in the post listed above

2010 animated ad and photo catalog

2009 photo catalog

2008 animated drum and photo catalog and links to earlier years

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2012 City of Lakes Loppet Snow Sculpture Contest — ambient views

I gave the images I shot, that Saturday morning, a keyword and present these in groups sorted by the keywords. The keyword subject may be just a secondary reference within a more predominate keyword subject, but the images captured some of what happened that day.

contact me for original, 3264 pixel x 2448 pixel

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