Got some up… MayDay Sunday 2015

…and Still We Rise
…and Still We Rise

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35 to start?

MayDay clay room Saturday early in the afternoon workshop

I was happy to get to try and photograph removal of the dried papier mach from the clay base that had been molded to form the mask. In the corner was this character in a bowtie.

These are the adventures that keep me returning; to MayDay where Magic happens and sometimes becomes visible

MayDay clay room

External link to a Adobe Slate presentation I created on the iPad. It takes some time to load. None of this was staged other than Mr. Bowtie maintained his persona. Whereas I am disappointed with what I captured concerning the mask release from the clay base, Mr. Bowtie graced the scene.

MayDay 2015 — May 3


Scenes from past MayDays trumpeting some of what may occur on Sunday May 3, 2015 in and around powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Earth

_0006_MayDay_5-2-04_dad _0014_MayDay_Sunday_5-7-06_-042 _0013_MayDay_ceremony_5-1-05 _0012_MayDay_5-1-05dino-core _0011_MayDay_5-2-04red-face _0010_MayDay_5-2-04_tuba _0009_MayDay_5-2-04_monarch _0008_MayDay_5-2-04_band _0007_MayDay_5-2-04_parkAppearing for the fist time, are new faces of new concerns.  MayDay responds to issues that matter, with honesty, hope, and positivity.

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Join in a chain of changes; Black Lives Matter — Black Is Sacred