fox family for a few days

A family of foxes camped a few evenings in my back yard mid-May 2011. I was captivated in attempting to capture some good images. I then had to experiment with iMovie and conversion to Flash .flv file format. Along with that, I tried out some audio to accompany my piece. I took a .mid, converted that to a .aiff so as to be able to attach to the video. The music is 492S Keep The Home Fires Burning (1915) and chosen mostly because the time fit the visual.
I set the video up on YouTube, same sequence, but I did what YouTube calls an AudioSwap. you get an ad in the display, but I think a discovered a great background sound track. Surfs up! click the fox below for the YouTube serving
fox kit
The file below is the Flash file with the Piano Roll music.


Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival to be held January 2011

The 2011 Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival is scheduled for January 8th 2011, with a back-up date of the following Saturday the 15th.

Below is a slide show set to music of the 2006 event (my first attendance). Below that is a link to a very large QuickTime movie with the images much larger. The music is the same on both. It will be worth the listen. Thanks to Tresa Sauer, a friend who agreed for me to use her music;

The above QuickTime has a sound track — you will like it! I made it a link to open in a new window, as it was trying to load the entier file 36MB with this post.

A larger Massive 224 Mb (it will take a while to load) Images are much larger and some transitions are more refined, but a long download.

An index from my old website that has links to other pages of images of the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival