Andrew on clarinet and family band

xmas_2004_New_Ulm – a QuickTime movie of a time-lapse gathering of my family, where Jeff played guitar, Lori played mandolin, and Andrew played clarinet. Peter joined in ringing a bell. The attached music is not a recording of that time, but a packaged piece in the iMovie software.

Part of this was incorporated into a memorial / tribute piece that was put together by Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie.

Tell me where’s your heart: remembering Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt

Thank you Sally Jo for piecing together the memorial and for being a very active person of the political left.

fox family for a few days

A family of foxes camped a few evenings in my back yard mid-May 2011. I was captivated in attempting to capture some good images. I then had to experiment with iMovie and conversion to Flash .flv file format. Along with that, I tried out some audio to accompany my piece. I took a .mid, converted that to a .aiff so as to be able to attach to the video. The music is 492S Keep The Home Fires Burning (1915) and chosen mostly because the time fit the visual.
I set the video up on YouTube, same sequence, but I did what YouTube calls an AudioSwap. you get an ad in the display, but I think a discovered a great background sound track. Surfs up! click the fox below for the YouTube serving
fox kit
The file below is the Flash file with the Piano Roll music.