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Just the usual under-employed graphic production guy. Casting a few up against the wall on occasion. Oh, and I have a digital camera that I carry around.
I travel mostly by bicycle in the Twin Cities Metro Area. That is Minneapolis, and Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. to those not familiar with the local nomenclature. My contribution to the Internet is a collection of images of my neighborhood.

a disordered retreat

a disordered retreat

I have a website I created in 2005. Clicking on the slug above should take you there. I haven’t altered that mess for years, but I have continued adding to a Photo Journal. It has been an experimental laboratory for me. I am not extremely fluent in web technology, but I am not completely out of it.

This WordPress documentation is another excursion of learning. I hope to be entertaining as I study new production techniques.

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  1. Dear Alan,

    I’ve read the story of your nephew Andrew C. Wilfahrt already some time ago. Although i have never knew or met him, this story did touch me deeply! Its now already a year ago since his tragic death.

    As a gay and christian person i know discrimination of gays first hand. This is even present here in Switzerland, wich you may think they are pretty open. Outside bigger cities, like Zurich, Geneva etc you normally find only few openly gay people.

    Here in Switzerland we have even a partnership law wich enables gay couples a registred partnership wich is sort of a marriage. This law was enabled 2005 by the mayority of the swiss counties (Kantone).

    The most opposition here come from evangelical christians wich claim that homosexuality is sinful according to the bible. There are some evangelical churches although wich begin to open up to gays.

    It disturbs me that too many people have such a negative attitude against gays and generally to all other people depending their gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc.

    I find it wonderful and very brave that the parents of Andrew take a stand for gay rights and against discrimination. I am sure Andrew would be very proud of them. We need so much more people wich are fighting for gay and lesbian and generally human rights.

    We are living right now in a time where the saber rattling gets louder again between countries and nations, just because other belief systems. I especially mention Syria and Iran. If any nation will attack Iran or its neigbours we (and i mean all humanity) will have a major problem!

    I had the rare opportunity to speak with the swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier on an event on the local Transport Museum here. He stated, if you are in orbit and look down on the earth you dont see borders or countries you just see continents and water. There is no border. It is just one planet.

    If we would invest all the money wich is currently is invested in warfare and bank bailouts for a trip in an earth orbit for everyone, i definitely believe this would change the whole situation. Suddenly the people would realise that our planet is just a tiny particle of dust in a vast and amazing universe, and that it is our duty to preserve this fragile sphere from complete destruction if we as species want to survive!

    I wish you, the parents of Andrew, and the whole family, much strength and power to overcome the tremendous loss in your life. Much comfort and blessings, and also despite the loss, lots of bright days and good times in your life.

    Yours sincerly

    Armin Furrer
    Luzern, Switzerland

    PS: Please feel free to forward this letter to the parents of Andrew.

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