1st testing entry

A dearth of images for this week. I just did not have the camera in hand for any time during the last seven days. Instead I held rakes, brooms, saws, paint brushes, window squeeze,  and drill gun for many hours. Yes, of course I spent some time on the computer and there I use a trackball with a keyboard. I was propelled to clean and rearrange the nest for the approaching season, and took advantage of the pleasant weather to get some outside tasks accomplished too. Only enough billable time to take care of an utility bill kept me focused on mundane matters. But with sunshine and mild temperatures I shuffled around with a contented heart.

I was browsing the Internet quite a bit last week. One of the delights that I stumbled upon was some nice images from The Book of Urizen by William Blake.

from The Book of Urizen by William Blake
from The Book of Urizen by William Blake


Back in my early days I was enthralled by Blake. I was working in a Photo Reproduction shop and taking night school classes at the U of MN. We dealt only with Black & White at that time, but I assembled a report on William Blake using 35mm slide material that I generated from book reproductions I was able to collect. An extremely primitive method of working by todays standards but back in the early 1970s it was a significant effort. It was Blake and his unconventional use of printing that inspired me to investigate printmaking.

A few days later I came across yet more of Blake’s work.


The original images that I downloaded are much higher resolution then I am passing along here. I wonder what students are submitting for class assignments today? Maybe I should take some classes to find out?

I would definitely not be taking any music classes, but I would hope to . . .

Keep a song in the heart . . .